We are computer science researchers passionate about building and studying technologies that influence design and innovation processes. We meet on Fridays, 11-12PM in 3102 Siebel.

Recent News

  • Our paper "Social Network, Web Forum, or Task Market? Comparing Different Crowd Genres for Design Feedback Exchange" was accepted to DIS 2016 as a full paper. (Acceptance rate: 26%).
  • Our paper "Novices Who Focused or Experts Who Didn't? How Effort and Expertise Cues Affect Judgments of Crowd Work" was accepted to CHI 2016 as a full paper.
  • Will serve as the Program Chair for the ACM Creativity & Cognition conference, 2017 in Singapore.
  • Awarded Best Paper for "Software History Under the Lens: A Study on Why and How Developers Examine It" which was accepted to the International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME), 2015. (Acceptance rate: 22%).
  • I received a new award from the NSF Cyberlearning program (2015-2019). The award will enable the development and evaluation of crowd feedback systems for design education.
  • I was selected as an Education Innovation Fellow in the College of Engineering for 2015-2017.
  • I received a new award from the National Science Foundation (2015-2018). The award will enable fundamental research on techniques for crowdsourcing feedback for engineering design.
  • I received a GATE teaching innovation award from the College of Engineering to study the use of online crowds in a project-based design course.
  • I will be serving on the upcoming program committees for HCOMP (2016).